Framework 7 Websites

This webpage has been set up to assist proposal writers who have attended the training course:

How to Write a Competitive Proposal for Framework 7 

Course participants are welcome to link to this webpage or to any of the links below.

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Official Websites for Framework 7 

bulletCORDIS Website on Framework 7
bullet Research Participant Portal
bulletEuropa Website on Framework 7
bulletCORDIS (General) 
bulletProjects Funded in Framework 7
bulletAll Research Projects (FP5, FP6, FP7)
bulletERC Funded projects
bullet National Contact Points 
bulletFinding Topics in the Cooperation Programme
bulletFunding for Social Sciences and Humanities


How to Stay up-to-date with Framework 7

Framework 7 Beginner's Website

How Framework 7 Proposals are Evaluated

The One Page Proposal

How to Streamline the Writing of a Proposal

Where to find facts and figures for the 5 Key Questions

The Technology Platforms

Where to find the best partners

How to write the 'Impact' of the Proposal

How to write 'Implementation' Plan

Legal and Financial Rules in  Framework 7

The Consortium Agreement

Funding Schemes in Framework 7

How Framework 7 Proposals are Negotiated

Deadlines and Deliverables in Framework 7 Grant Agreements

Claims and Payments

The Financial Audit

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Other sources of EU Funding for Research and Innovation

Support for SMEs (Small and Medium Sized Enterprises) in Framework 7

Ethics and Gender Issues in Framework 7

Templates for Proposals and Projects

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