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How to Explain the ‘Potential Impact’ of the Proposal

Reports on Impact Assessment


Impact Assessment of European Union Programmes


Impact Assessment Guidelines


Impact Assessment (2013 Roadmaps)  


Understanding the long term impact of the Framework programmes (2012)


The Impact of publicly funded research on innovation 


Research Excellence Framework (UK) Impact assessment


Report on Impact from Public R&D (Proinno)


European Science Foundation report on Impact Assessment (Link)

Value Chains

bulletMichael Porter Value Chain
bulletKey Enabling Technologies Report
bulletTechnology Platforms Technology Platforms 
bulletPhotovoltaics Value Chain
bulletPhotonics (UK) Value Chain
bulletSteve Job's description of the Innovation and Value Chain (Link)

Technology Readiness Level (TRL)

bulletHorizon 2020 definition of TRL (Annex G of General Annexes)
bulletEARTO Report on TRL (Link)
bulletNASA definition of TRL
bulletNASA TRL for Innovation
bulletARPA definition of TRL
bulletESA definition of TRL

Lead Users

bulletLead User (Eric von Hippel)
bulletLead User Definition (Link)
bulletEric von Hippel

Logical Framework

bulletEU Guide on Logical Framework
bulletEuropeAID Logical Framework Guide

Impact in UK Research Programmes

bulletREF (Research Excellence Framework)
bulletPathways to Impact
bulletResearch Councils UK Research Impact Resources
bulletMRC (UK) report on Outputs, Outcomes and Impacts (Link)
bulletResearchfish - recording outcomes of UK research

The 'European Science Paradox' and the 'Valley of Death'

bulletEuropean Science Paradox (1998)
bulletEuropean Science Paradox (2005)
bulletThe 'Valley of Death'  
bulletResponsible Partnering

Impact on Policy Making (Evidence Based Policy Making)


Communicating Research for Evidence-Based Policy making


European Commission (2010). Communicating research for evidence-based policymaking. A practical

guide for researchers in socio-economic sciences and humanities. Publications Office, Luxembourg.

Impact in International Funding Programmes

bulletNSF (National Science Foundation)
bulletNSF Broader Impacts
bulletNature Article on 'Broader Impacts'
bulletStar Metrics
bulletAustralian Research Impact Trial

Impact on Technology 

bulletThe Institute for Prospective Technologies and Studies Reports
bulletThe R&D Scoreboard (Published annually by DTI, UK) 
bulletEuropean Information Technology Observatory 
bulletESF Forward Look 

Impact on the Economy and the Market

bulletOrganisation for Economic Cooperation and Development
bulletThe Economist 

Market Research Organisations

bulletFrost and Sullivan 
bulletForrester Research 
bullet Datamonitor
bullet Espicom (Pharmaceutical)
bullet Mintel 

Impact on Standards

bullet CENORM and CENSTAR  
bulletAcademic Institutions involved in research and training on standardization
bulletStudy on the Impact of Standardization 
bulletIntegrating Research and Standards 
bullet Standardisation issues[0000006331_00].html  

Funding for Exploitation of Results

bulletEuropean Funding for Business
bulletEuropean Contracts and Grants
bulletEU Grants and Loans
bullet European Investment Bank
bulletEuropean Investment Fund 

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