Framework 7 Partners

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How to Find the Best Partners for Framework 7 Proposals

Researchers already active in the Framework Programmes
bulletExisting Coordinators/Partners (FP7)
bullet Existing Coordinators/Partners (FP6)
bulletLife Sciences Projects funded
bulletCordis Marketplace (Results from Framework Projects)
bulletResults from ICT Projects
bullet CORDIS Partner Search Service

European R&D Networks/Associations/Platforms

bullet EU R&D Associations 
bullet Technology Platforms
bullet COST Actions
bulletEuropean Science Foundation
bulletCheck Conferences that have been funded in your area and and
bulletCheck Networks (Coordination and Support Actions) on
bulletNational R&D Offices in Brussels 
bulletNetworks of Research Infrastructures
bulletNetworks of Research Infrastructures
bulletDatabase of European Research Centres (MERIL)

Evaluators from Framework 6 and 7

bulletEvaluators used in Framework 7
bulletEvaluators of Framework 6 Proposals

European Researchers involved in Standards and Patents

bulletCENSTAR Technical Committees 
bulletEuropean Patent Office

European Commission initiatives on finding partners

bullet Official Website for NCP Networks is
bulletFET Networking (Cafeteria)
bulletJTI IMI Partnering Initiative
bulletNMP Partner Search Facility
bulletHealth NCP Network
bulletSecurity NCP Network
bulletSME NCP Network
bulletSSH NCP Newtork (NET4SOCIETY)
bulletTransport NCP Network
bulletICT NCP Network (Ideal-IST)
bulletSPACE NCP Network (COSMOS)
bulletKBBE NCP Network  (Bionet)
bulletEnergy NCP Network http://www.c-energyplu .eu/
bulletPeople NCP Network
bulletEuratom NCP Network
bulletResearch Potential NCP Network
bulletScience in Society NCP Network

Identifying Scientific Organisations in Europe

bulletResearch Infrastructures in Europe
bulletScience Search Engine
bulletGoogle Scholar
bulletWeb of Knowledge
bulletSpires (High Energy Physics)

Social Media for European Research

bulletDatabase of Female Scientists

Support Services for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs)

bulletSME Definition 
bulletNCP SME Network
bulletEuropean Enterprise Network
bulletSME Techweb
bulletSME Update News
bulletEPISTEP (SMEs in IST ) 
bulletNAOMITEC (SMEs in Nano projects) 
bulletHelping SMEs join IST Projects 
bulletDetect  IT 
bulletHelp SME Partners join Security Projects 
bulletFit for Health
bulletIST (Information Society) Partner Search
bulletEureka Partner Search

How to Find Partners in Different Countries

bullet Associated Countries  
bulletJRC (Joint Research Centre)
bulletJRC in Framework 7
bulletEIRO Fourm 

International Partners

bulletList of ICPC Countries
bulletEU International Scientific Cooperation Policy 
bulletEuropean Neighbourhood Policy
bulletAccess4EU (Guide to International R&D Cooperation)
bulletAustralia: Forum for European-Australian Science and Technology Cooperation  
bulletNew Zealand Partners in FP7 
bulletNew Zealand
bulletChina   and
bulletChina: Programmes open to EU researchers
bulletIndia and and  and   New Indigo
bulletCanada -EU Cooperation and
bulletArgentina-EU R&D Cooperation
bulletMexico-EU R&D Cooperation
bulletSouth Africa-EU R&D Cooperation
bulletTunisia-EU R&D Cooperation
bulletUSA-EU R&D Cooperation
bulletUSA BILAT-USA and Link2US:
bulletEU-US Task force on Biotechnology Research
bulletNIS Countries
bulletWestern Balkan Partners
bulletWestern Balkans Research Database
bulletSouth East Europe Information 
bulletSouth East Europe Education Network
bulletRussia EU R&D Cooperation
bulletSouth East Asia
bulletSouth East Asia Network
bulletEastern European and Central Asian Cooperation
bulletKorea-EU Science Cooperation
bulletCaribbean - EU Cooperation

International Partners (ICT Coopertation)

bulletIdeal-list Partner Search
bulletChina                     Chinacoop
bulletCanada                  IST-EC2
bulletMediterranean Partners MED-IST
bulletWestern Balkans     SCORE
bulletLatin America          SOLAR ICT
bulletAfrica                      START
bulletRussia and ICT        ISTOK.RU
bulletEastern European and Central Asia (EECA) in ICT

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