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You  are welcome to downloaded and use the templates from this webpage.

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Division of Work during the Proposal Preparation

bulletDivision of Work Template    (Word File)

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Sample of Templates from the Proposal Course/Handbook

bulletTemplates file    (PowerPoint File)
bulletWork Breakdown Structure
bulletPert Chart
bulletConsortium Management
bulletTemplate for Coordination Action
bulletIntegration of Partners/Technologies

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Template for a PERT Charts

bulletSample Pert Chart    (PowerPoint file)

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Template for a Gantt Chart

bulletSample Gantt Chart    (Excel File)
bulletSample provided by the European Commission (Excel File)

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Template for Work Breakdown per Partner 

bulletBuget/Work Ratio Table     (Excel File)
bulletCost Calculation per Partner       (Excel File)

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Templates for Timesheets

The European Commission do not have a standard timesheet for their projects. The following are examples of timesheets which have been accepted by the Auditors.

Framework 7 Timesheets

bulletExample Page 40 of the Financial Guidelines ftp://ftp.cordis.europa.eu/pub/fp7/docs/financialguide_en.pdf 
bulletSample designed by German National Contact Points http://www.forschungsrahmenprogramm.de/_media/timesheet.xls


(NB These timesheets are not officially approved by the European Commission. However, the Auditors stated that any format is acceptable as long as they are signed by the researcher and the senior scientist)

bulletTime Sheet Sample 1
bulletTime Sheet Sample 1 (Example filled in)
bulletTime Sheet Sample 2
bulletTime Sheet Sample 2 (Example filled in)
bulletTime Sheet Sample 3

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Template for Contractual Deadlines

bulletFramework 5 Contractual Deadlines FP5 Contractual Deadlines     (Excel File)
bulletFramework 6 Contractual Deadlines FP6 Contractual Deadlines     (Excel File)
bulletFramework 7 Grant Agreement Deadlines FP7 Deadlines (Excel Spreadsheet)

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Template for Minutes of Partner Meetings.

bulletTemplate for Minutes of Contractors Meetings    (Word File)

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