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Horizon 2020: Opportunities for Voluntary Organisations

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This is a recording of a workshop that was presented at a workshop organised by  'The Wheel' (www.wheel.ie)

Workshop Organisers: Deirdre Finlay (deirdref@wheel.ie) and Emma Murtagh (emma@wheel.ie)

Date of Workshop: 18th July 2017

Location: Dublin

Workshop Presenter: Dr. SeŠn McCarthy www.hyperion.ie/seanmccarthy.htm

Handout: A handout for the presentation is available here

Workshop Website: All the links mentioned in the videos can be found on www.hyperion.ie/h2020-voluntarywebsites.htm



Background Introduction 7 minutes
Background to Horizon 2020 9 minutes
European Union Funding Routes 3.5 minutes
From Policy to Programmes to Projects 16 minutes
EU Policies and Horizon 2020 6 minutes
Priorities of Pillar III (Societal Challenges) 3 minutes
Priorities of Pillar II(Industrial Leadership) and Pillar I (Excellent Science) 5 minutes
Summary of Horizon 2020 Programmes 4 minutes
ERAnet COFUNDS 2 minutes
The Structure and Terminology of Horizon 2020 Support Services in Horizon 2020 3 minutes
Structure and Terminology of Horizon 2020 5 minutes
Horizon 2020 Programs Suited to Voluntary Organisations Technology Readiness Level (TRL) and Horizon 2020 7.5 minutes
COST, Marie Curie and Science With and For Society 5 minutes
Financial Issues What Can and Canít be Funded in Horizon 2020 3 minutes
Financial Calculations in Horizon 2020 2.3 minutes
Where next? How to Start and How to Proceed 5.5 minutes

Video Editing and Production by Tacit Learning (www.tacitlearning.ie)

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