Suicide Research


This webpage contains websites relevant to researchers working in Suicide Research 

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Conference Presentation: 

How EU Policy is Prepared (Cork, 12th October 2001)

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EU Policy Websites

bullet Europa (Official EU Website) 
bullet White and Green Papers 
bulletEU Studies and Legislation (ECLAS,IDEA,EUR-LEX) 
bulletAGENDA 2000 
bulleteEurope Action Plan  
bulletGrants and Loans 

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EU R&D Programmes

bulletEU R&D Programmes:
bulletOverview of the Fifth Framework Programme 
bulletNational Contact Points 
bulletDatabase for Evaluators

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Articles on EU Funding and EU Policy

bulletArticle: Overview of EU R&D Funding
bulletArticle: The Relevance of R&D to EU Policies

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Key Websites for Social Issues in the EU

bulletSocio Economic Examples  (IST) 
bulletThe Futures Report ( ) has four reports dealing with social issues and R&D.
bulletSociety, the Endless Frontier 
bulletEU and NGOs 
bulletList of NGOs 
bulletEU Special Interest Groups 

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Useful EU Publications

bulletInnovation and Technology Transfer
bulletCORDIS Focus
bulletEUR-OP News (Brilliant !) 
bullet EUR-OP special edition on Framework 5. 
bulletRTD Publications

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