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1.       Life Sciences and Biotechnology - A Strategy for Europe 23/01/02

2.       Innovation and Competitiveness in European Biotechnology, 2002

3.       Pharmaceutical Industry Competitiveness and Public Health.   2002

4.       Futures Project: Life Sciences and the Frontier of Life Panel

5.       Five-Year assessment in the field of Quality of Life and management of living resources

6.       Biotechnology Legislation in the EU

7.       EU Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Legislation

8.       Biotechnology and Biosafety on the Web,3380,EN-document-528-14-no-23-9935-528,FF.html

10.    Modern Biotechnology and the OECD

11.    OECD Observer: Special edition on Biotechnology

12.    Conference on New Biotechnology Foods and Crops: Science, Safety and Society  (July 2001)

13.    Series on the Safety of Novel Foods and Feeds  Consensus.  2002,,EN-document-528-nodirectorate-no-27-24778-27,00.html

14.    Statements by Ministers & Heads of Government concerning OECD work on Biotechnology. 2001,,EN-document-528-nodirectorate-no-21-9800-27,00.html

15.    New Biotechnology Foods and Crops:Science, Safety and Society Conference, 10-12 July 2001

16.    Biotechnology under the microscope

17.    Innovation and competitiveness in European biotechnology
A. Allansdottir, A. Bonaccorsi, A. Gambardella  et al.

19.    The European Federation of Biotechnologistsí Task Group on Public Perceptions of Biotechnology

20.    E-BioSci: European platform for access & retrieval of full text & factual information in  Life Sciences

22.    European Group on Life Science agenda: 2002 Development, Communication, Science & Society

24.    OECD, Internal Co-ordination Group for Biotechnology (ICGB)

25.    Internal Co-ordination Group for Biotechnology

26.    European federation of pharmaceutical industries (EFPIA)

28.    The European Federation of Biotechnologists:An association of scientific and technical societies.

29.    10th European Congress on Biotechnology (ECB10) - "Biotechnological challenges in the new millenium" July 2001

30.    Speech by Commissioner David Byrne to the conference "Biotechnology: Science and Impact" at The Hague (January 2000). 

31.    Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety January 2000

32.    Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety

33.    The Making of New Medicines: Manufacturing, the Environment & the Pharmaceutical Industry. 2001

34.    The Pharmaceutical Industry in Figures. EFPIA Report   2001 Edition

35.    EU enlargement and pharmaceuticals: key issues (June 2000)

36.    A conceptual framework for implementing biosafety: Linking policy, capacity and regulation 

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