EU Regional Innovation Strategy


EU Initiatives on Regional Innovation Strategies

Overview of the Course

In 1994 the European Commission selected eight regions to test the concept of a Regional Innovation Strategy. In 1996 this was extended to a further 42 further regions. Today over 100 regions have started Regional Innovation Strategies and the concept is now being implemented in the new accession states in Central and Eastern Europe. In addition to the individual strategies the European Commission has established a ‘network of innovating regions’ so that experiences and best practices can be shared. Other thematic networks – networks of regions with a common theme (e.g. tourism, ecommerce, etc.), are also being established. The new structural funds and R&D programme have funding allocated to the promotion of Regional Innovation Strategies.

The aim of this course is to provide organizations with an overview of a Regional Innovation Strategy, practical experiences from existing strategies, the work involved in preparing a strategy, sources of information and sources of funding.


1. Background to Regional Innovation Strategies:

bulletIssues affecting enterprises 2000+
bulletIssues affecting regions 2000 +
bulletEU Policy on Innovation
bulletEU Policy on Regional Development
bulletOverview of existing strategies

2. Overview of a Regional Innovation Strategy:

bulletAims and expected results from a RIS
bulletPartners involved in the strategy
bulletRole and benefits for the different partners
bulletBest practices identified to date

3. Sources of Information:

bulletWeb-sites on innovating regions
bulletReports on existing RIS regions
bulletHandbook on the preparation of a RIS
bulletReports on best practices
bulletWho’s Who in EU RIS Programmes

4. Sources of Funding for Regional Innovation Strategies:

bullethe Structural Funds
bulletThe Fifth Framework Programme
bulletNational / Regional Programmes

5. How to Prepare a Regional Innovation Strategy:

bulletSteps involved in preparing a RIS
bulletThe Do’s and Don’ts
bulletOrganizations involved and their role
bulletExpertise needed to prepare a RIS
bulletExpertise available for RIS development

6. Workshop and Discussion