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Key Documents The Directive on Environmental Noise. 2002 
EU Legislation The establishment of rules & procedures with regard to the introduction of noise-related operating restrictions at airports. March 2002!celexplus!prod!DocNumber&lg=en&type_doc=Directive&an_doc=2002&nu_doc=30 
EU Legislation The approximation of the laws of the Member States relating to the noise emission in the environment by equipment for use outdoors.
Directive 2000/140EC 
EU Legislation Directive on Noise from Equipment Used Outdoors. 2000 
EU Legislation Existing directives relating to noise sources. 
EU Legislation The State-of-the-Art on the Valuation of Noise. 2003.Ongoing activities linked to the Environmental Noise Directive 
EU Legislation Existing directives relating to noise sources: Road traffic noise. 2001!celexapi!prod!CELEXnumdoc&lg=en&numdoc=32001L0043&model=guichett 
EU Legislation Existing directives relating to noise sources:Aircraft noise 2002 
EU Green Papers Action against noise: Commission Green Paper, November 1996, on future noise policy 
OECD Reports AGR/COD - Results of official measurement of noise at the driving position (Code 5) . 2002,2340,en_2649_201185_2077887_1_1_1_1,00.html 
EU Studies Assessment and management of environmental noise 
EU Studies Airport Noise Monitoring - The Benefits Applied to Industrial & Community Noise Management
Inter-Noise 1997 
EU Studies European Sustainable Cities-Report
by Expert Group on Urban Environment. 1996 
EU Studies The State-of-the-Art on Economic Valuation of Noise. 2002 
EU Studies "The Noise Policy of the European Union Year 2 (1999 - 2000)" 
Association/Networks The EU Noise Expert Network 
Association/Networks US Noise Center of the League for the Hard of Hearing. 
Association/Networks Acoustical Societies & Organizations. 
Non-EU Report Noise and Health Journal 

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