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1.       Cordis; new search system for european nanotechnology networks


3.       Nanotechnology: a small science with a huge potential

4.       Nanotechnology in ERA 2002

5.       NANOTECHNOLOGY : Roadmap for Nanoelectronics.    2000

6.       FUTMAN:the FUTure of MANufacturing 2015-2020
Report funded by DG Research l

7.       The Need for Measurement & testing in Nanotechnology.  2002 

8.       Measurement & testing Needs in Candidate & New Member States.    2002 Compiled by High Level Expert Group on M&T

9.       'Nanotechnology in the European research area May 2002' 

10.    Joint EC/National Science Foundation Workshop on Nanotechnologies 2001

11.    Survey of Nanotechnology networks - May 2002 version

12.    The Need for Measurement and Testing in Nanotechnology

13.    The need for Metrology in Nanotechnology 2001

14.    Promoting co-operation in polymer research May 2002

15.    The Importance of Interdisciplinary Approaches: The Case of Nanotechnology

16.    Nanotechnology Advances in Europe. 2002

17.    MEDEA+ project profile. Set of  profiles which describe the purpose & activities of 9 new projects 

18.    Nanotechnology advances in Europe April 2002

19.    European Nanoforum

20.    The Interagency Working Group on Nanoscience, Engineering and Technology

21.    Nanotechnology Revolutionary Opportunities & Societal Implications - 3rd Joint EC-NSF Workshop in Lecce (Italy) January 2002

22.    Nanotechnology:From Vision to Industrial revolution? Challenges & opportunities for research & Innovation.14 June 2002, at MINATEC Centre, Grenoble, France

23.    "Nanotechnology, the next industrial revolution? Nanotechnology in the EU and US. Oct. 2000

24.    Vision for Nanotechnology Research & Development in the Next Decade.September 1999 WTEC, Loyola College in Maryland

25.    Societal Implications of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology  March 2001

26.    "Nanotechnology in the United States"  NSF fact sheet .  2000

27.    Centre for Ultrastructure Research and Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Molecular Nanotechnology

28.    Glasgow University - The nanotechnology group

29.    Institute of Nanotechnology - provides substantial list of nano sites  

30. NanoEurope

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