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European Policy Documents on Food


White Paper on Food safety COM (99) 719, January 2000


White Paper on Food Safety. January 2000


Food Safety Authority Website 


The General Principles of Food Law in the European Union


Technology Platforms


Food for Life Platform


Plants for the Future Platform


Global Animal Health Platform


Foresight Reports


Agrimonde Report


Key Technology Reports 


Agriculture Report


Advisory Groups 


Advisory Groups Framework 7 


Food Quality and Safety EAG (FP6)   



Relevant EU R&D Associations 


SCAR (Standing Committee on Agriculture Research)


Relevant Cost Actions


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Other  Reports



7.       "Food quality and safety" chapter of the decision of the EP and Council - 27.06.02

8.       Regulation laying down the general principles &  requirements of food law , establishing the European Food Safety Authority.    January 2002

9.       The work of the Directorate for Food, Agriculture and Fisheries  A PROGRAMME RESPONSIVE TO EVOLVING POLICY ISSUES

10.    OECD Meeting of Food Safety Regulators July 2001 Bangkok:,,EN-document-157-nodirectorate-no-20-21647-1,00.html

12.    Proposal for the establishment of a European Food Authority 

13.    Food safety & health risks" chapter of the EC's  specific programmes implementing FP6.  2002

14.    EU enlargement: Questions and Answers on food safety issues. September 2002|0|RAPID&lg=EN&display=

15.    Collaboration in Research and Development in Food Safety in the EU  Erik Millstone  

16.    Outcome of discussions by Scientific Steering Committee (former MDSC)

17.    The WTO negotiations in the field of agriculture & food:the strategic position of the US & China.2001

18.    The 2000-2001 Food Safety Education Campaign

19.    List of national organisers and the European coordinator for the Food safety education campaign 2001-2002

20.    European Food Safety Authority EFSA

21.    Scientific Committee for Food

22.    Food Technology:  List of COST Actions

23.    Eurofood: Recommendations for food composition database and data interchange

24.    European policy of food safety   September 2000

25.    "Consortia for Agro-Food in Europe" (CAFE) Thematic Network.   October 2001 

26.    EUFIC (European Food Information Council)

27.    UK Food Standards Agency

28.    Food and Nutrition for Better Health (HEALFO Conference June 2001)

29.    Food in Europe: Building in Safety.  October 2001
Valencia, Spain, October 15th-17th, 2001.

30.    European Conference on Advanced Technology or Safe and High Quality Foods.     December 2001

31.    "Food Safety and Enlargement of the European Union",  David Byrne, Brussels, June 2002|0|RAPID&lg=EN&display=

32.    "New challenges ahead to ensure food safety: enlargement and upgrading food controls", 9th East-West Agricultural Forum - Green Week,  January 2002  David Byrne,|0|RAPID&lg=EN&display=

33.    Risk assessment: Biotechnology and food safety

34.    International Food Policy Research Institute 

35.    Food and Veterinary Office:FVO inspection reports on food safety in third countries

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