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1.       Aeronautics for Europe - A Partnership for Research and Technology and European Growth;  Position paper by the Aeronautics External Advisory Group

2.       Action programme on the creation of the single European sky

3.       A single European Sky in 2004: towards a more efficient and safer airspace 

4.       European Aeronautics: A Vision for 2020

5.       ACARE :Advisory Council for Aeronautics Research in Europe

6.       Aerospace within the European Research Area

7.       "Broadening horizons for air travel"

8.       "New perspectives for aeronautics"   1999 December

9.       A single European sky in 2004: towards a more efficient and safer airspace. October 2001

10.    The implementation of the single European sky and 3 regulation proposals.  December 2001


12.    Aviation and maritime statistics in the candidate countries – Data 1995-2000 

13.    Transport - Aviation - International passengers transported .   October 2002

14.    The Rights of Airline Passengers: Les droits des passagers dans le transport aérien.  1998  (TRAN 105 - 11/1998)

15.    Civilian and military air traffic control in the EU

16.    International Civil Aviation Organization

17.    Advisory Council for Aeronautics Research in Europe (ACARE)

18.    The 33rd Assembly Session of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) September 2001

19.    "Air traffic control in Europe"   February 2000 Vice-President Mrs L. de Palacio

20.    The fight against congestion : the reorganisation of Air Traffic in Europe" January 2001 Vice-President Mrs L. de Palacio at the World Economic Forum  (Davos 29-30)

21.    "European Air Transport Policy",   M. Ayral at the ATC 2000 Conference      2000

22.    Commissioner Philippe Busquin: The time has come! Aeronautics Days 2001 conference

23.    "Aerospace and the Evolution of Europe"  Erkki Liikanen AECMA (European Association of Aerospace Industries) October 2002|0|RAPID&lg=EN&display=

24.    Meeting of the Working Group on "Airport and Air Transport Statistics.    April 2002

25.    ARTE 21 - Aeronautical Research & Technology for Europe in the 21st century

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